What to do if my baby swallows killa a pouch?

Nicotine poisoning can occur when a newborn ingests or inhales large amounts of nicotine. At such a tender age, nicotine is highly toxic, so even small doses can be fatal. 1 Parents and other family members should be aware of the warning signs and symptoms of nicotine poisoning in infants and seek immediate medical attention if they have any reason to believe their child may be exposed to nicotine products.

What to Do in Case of Nicotine Poisoning

First and foremost, it’s essential to remain calm and call 999 for an ambulance, take the person to a local emergency room, or dial a local emergency number. In addition to advice on what to do next, the Poison Control Center can advise on possible adverse effects and symptoms of nicotine use. Also, it is essential to collect leftover bags and wrappers and have them readily available to poison control centres and emergency medical personnel. These may contain exact details and ingredients the baby may have been in contact with. This information can be used to properly treat the infant and assess the amount of nicotine consumed by the child. If the baby is awake, alert, and conscious, feed the baby water or milk promptly. This technique should help dilute the nicotine in their stomach and reduce its absorption into the system. If your child is unresponsive, not breathing, or showing convulsions, call 999 or your local emergency number directly and promptly start CPR if you have the training to do so.

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Symptoms of Nicotine Poisoning

Depending on the amount of nicotine consumed, a variety of symptoms can occur, including: